Do you design tattoos for people?

Yes we design many of the tattoos that we do. The remainder are either designed by the client themselves or they have acquired their design elsewhere.

Do you do extreme tattoos - like on the face, eyelids?

No we don’t tattoo faces or eyelids. We do have tattooists that will tattoo hands and necks.

What is the ink made of?

The inks are generally made from organic pigment suspended in a alcohol based solution. Many of them are vegan friendly.

Is getting a tattoo safe?

The process of getting a tattoo is completely safe. Waihi Tattoo uses as much disposable gear as we can (new for you every time). After use needles are disposed of in a sharps bin, as is standard protocol in the medical industry. Waihi Tattoo meets the NZ Skin Penetration Guidelines.

Does it hurt?

Of course it hurts to some degree, but as for how much it will hurt you – everyone has a different threshold or opinion of what it feels like. The least painful place is always on someone else! Yet tattooed people continue to get more tattoos.

Pain tolerance is something that varies from person to person. Because of this each person may experience different pain levels than someone else with a tattoo in the same area. The length of time it takes can increase the pain of the tattoo because the skin becomes more irritated the longer your session goes.

Tattoos have a very unique feeling, somewhat indescribable. Many describe getting a tattoo as being like a bee sting or a bad sun burn. The same goes for piercings, every piercing can feel different.

There is too many variables to put a blanket statement on the level of pain. Though tattoos and piercings can be painful, the pain is definitely manageable. If it wasn’t there wouldn’t be so many people tattooed and pierced people.

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