Prices for tattoos can vary. We operate a custom shop, so we cannot offer a generic price for every tattoo. We must give estimates based on the size, technicality, supplies used and time involved. Prices start with our shop minimum of $80 and ranging upwards to the thousands for very large projects. An artist can give a rough estimate based on a description of the project you are asking about.

Pictures are priced per piece or if you are getting ongoing work you will be placed on the cheaper hourly rate. We can possibly give you an estimate once we have received your consultation form and all your information. However, please keep in mind that quoting tattoo time is not an exact science and it is only an ESTIMATE. Also consider that full sleeves and backs can take a lot of time. For example, a black & grey sleeve would take at least 20 hours on a small arm! If you can’t sit very well or you are a large person, it could be twice that. A large amount of small intricate detail can also increase the amount of time needed for completion. This type of work is definitely a serious commitment and should be given serious thought before finalizing any scheduling and paying any deposits.