After Care

Aftercare is really important. Unfortunately some people tend to ignore this portion of caring for the tattoo/piercing  because they do not realize the importance of this routine. Improper aftercare can result in severe skin infections and scarring. Full explanations on aftercare is given with every job and we are only a phone call away. If you are not sure, curious, worried or just plain forgot what we said give us a call or pop in. We are here to help.

Tattoo after care sheets and healing ointment are supplied with every tattoo.


Piercings are simple to care for but aftercare is still necessary! Infection and rejection are always a risk, when getting a piercing. You have to look after it while it’s healing. Sharing jewellery is a no-no! Infections can be passed on.

Piercing aftercare sheets and healing lotion are provided with all needle piercings.