We take what we do as a profession very seriously for our own health and the health of our clients – the people who put their trust in us to give them a beautiful piece of work they will have with them forever in the cleanest, most sterile environment possible. We are professionals who’ve spent may years honing our craft, updating our techniques and using medical grade sterilization equipment.


We do tattoos for any occasion! The sweetest memories captured on your skin. Whether you show us an image that you want to replicate on your skin or ask us to draw one and confirm with you, we’ll be glad to do either of those for you. You will also be able to find a myriad of design styles that you can choose or customise to your liking. We ensure the friendliest service and utmost comfort for every client.

♦ Custom design tattoos
♦ Rework old faded tattoos
♦ Cover up ugly unwanted tattoos
♦ Tattoo your designs
♦ Draw up your ideas
♦ Black or Full Colour Tattoos
♦ All Work Fast, Safe & Hygienic
♦ Anyone under the age of 18 requires a parent to sign a consent form on their behalf.

Custom Tattoo Designs

Exclusive, modern and unique tattoo designs by our artists specifically for you upon a request.


Cover Unwanted Tattoos

No matter what your skin marks are, ink or surgery scars, we will make it look like it was never there!


Rework Old Tattoos

The best possible colour results can perform for many years or may begin to fade a bit over a time.