Tattoo Process


Although your artist will be happy to brainstorm with you about your project, it will be your tattoo in the end and you should spend some time thinking about what you want it to look like. If you can, gather some reference pictures that will help your artist understand what you have in mind. Think about which styles you prefer (traditional, illustrative, realist, black and grey, colours, etc…) then look at our portfolios and choose an artist whose work is a good match for your project. Try to decide where you want your tattoo on your body, and how big you want it. Keep in mind that sometimes making your tattoo a few inches bigger can make it look a lot nicer!


Sending us an email is the best way for you to share your project with us. It is easier to share information and pictures that way, and it allows us to keep your project on file. But if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. We make it a priority to get back to you quickly. If your project is simple and not too big you can try a walk-in. We will do our best to help you, but without an appointment we can’t promise you an artist will have time to tattoo you. If you are supplying your own art it is likely we can organise your tattoo appointment by phone, email or facebook messenger.


For custom designs we will ask you to come for a consultation so you can discover the studio, meet with the artist that will draw your tattoo and share your ideas with him/her. Consultations are free. If you live far away it might not be possible to schedule a consultation, you can try our online consultation. We will then review your project and decide if it is something that can be done without seeing you in person.


It is now time to book your tattoo appointment. To do so, you will be asked to leave a deposit. The deposit will come off the price of your tattoo. Please note that your artist will spend time working on your design and book specific time on their schedule for your project. So make sure you are happy with your project and all your questions have been answered! Rescheduling your tattoo at the last minute means the artist will probably not have any work for half a day up to an entire day. For this reason we ask you to contact us at least 48 hours before your appointment if you need to reschedule it. Any less notice than this and your deposit becomes non-refundable. So please choose the date of your tattoo carefully, and write it down in your calendar!


The artist will then create a design for you, following what has been discussed during the consultation and through email communications.


Make sure you are on time for your appointment, being early is advisable to double check your artwork. Being late can impact your experience and be disruptive for every client coming after you. If you think you might be late please give us a call. We want you to have a tattoo you love so if something about the design causes you concerns please speak up so it can be adjusted! Make sure you check with your artist that you are on the same page regarding colour selection as well. Do not drink alcohol or take drugs prior to your appointment. Make sure you have a good meal a few hours before. We know tattoos sometimes hurt but make sure you sit still! Moving around will impact the quality of your tattoo. Your friends are able to relax in the reception area while you are tattooed, but are not permitted in the tattoo room or adjacent art room. We will work hard to make sure you have a nice experience and a great tattoo.


The healing process is very important to ensure your tattoo looks great! We will provide you with information you need about tattoo aftercare and the ointment to heal it with. Please make sure you take good care of your tattoo. If you had a good experience at Waihi Tattoo Studio, please share it around, and leave a nice review. We will appreciate it very much! You can also follow us on Facebook.