We do all tattooing and piercing. We take what we do as a profession very seriously for our own health and the health of our clients – the people who basically put trust in us that we are going to give them a beautiful piece of work they will have with them forever in the cleanest, sterile environment possible.

We are trained professionals who’ve endured years of honing our craft, updating our techniques and using medical grade sterilization equipment.


Prices for tattoos can vary. We operate a custom shop, so we cannot offer a generic price for every tattoo. We must give estimates based on the size, technicality, supplies used and time involved. Prices start with our shop minimum of $80 and ranging upwards to the thousands for very large projects. An artist can give a rough estimate based on a description of the project you are asking about.



Single Use Cartridge/Gun:
$12 for one lobe
$20 for both lobes
$25 for one lobe
$40 for both lobes

Needle Piercings $50

Vertical Labret
Snake Eyes

Needle Piercings $60

Lobe Transversal

Specialized Piercings

Dermal $50
Vemons $80 (both piercings included)

Needle Piercings $40
Helix Eyebrow
Anti-Helix Nose
Tragus Lip
Anti-Tragus Tongue
Rook Dimple
Daith Labret
Conch Monroe
Snug Bridge
Nipple Medusa
Navel Nostril